• Sophie Renshaw

Enchanted Forest

I've been a little bit awol lately, but it's not without good reason. I've super busy getting back into the swings of things post-covid, this includes family, couple and maternity shoots. I even recently attended a workshop, which I plan talking about in my next blog.

But less about that, more about this blog. As the title entails, me and my very lovely and talented friend Emma Edwards from Emma Jane Floral Design, packed our supplies and heading to a secret location hidden deep in a Welsh forist. Some of my followers actually recognised this location straight away, whereas others messaged asking where it was.

Like many other photographers and creatives, I spend hour after hour gathering inspiration from platforms such as instagram or pinterest but rarely take anything away from the gathered content. These individuals are always so origanal and creative, I always find myself thinking, 'I wish I could be more like this'. I'll have an idea in my head, but sometimes life gets in the way.. time can be very hard to come by when you have a small human to look after. This time was different, I was sick of making excuses and didn't want to come across this idea on one of those platforms and think 'I should have just done it'. I discussed my ideas with Emma and of course she was straight on board and plans were enforced straught away.  Emmas already had the candle holders which are seen within the images. The material used are actually a pair of Ikea curtains and the table is from my dining room. The chairs were kindly loaned to us from Tammy at TMS Events. I wanted to use fresh fruit to bring a bit of vibrance to the decor as I was concerned the location already being dark, could have made the table look bland.



Lets plan and adventure together.



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