Are you insured?
Very simple, yes.


My partner hates having their photo taken. Will this be a problem?
Absolutely not, you don't have to worry about this. I mean does anyone actually enjoy having their hotos taken? We all get nervous.my style is very relaxed ans this is portrayed in my work. we will go for walks and I will capture genuinely, authentic moments with some gentle direction.


Will there be black and white photos?
Yes. I included a range of both black and white images in your final album.


I know your style is quite natural, but will you take formal/group photos?
Yes. I always include group photos but will alos make you do some fun movemtents so theyre not all posey.


When will I recieve my photos?
4-6 weeks after your wedding date. On the night of your wedding i will go home and edit a few of my favourites before sending them to you, so you have some beautiful images to wake up to the day afterwards.


What if your camera breaks on the wedding day?
I always carry a second camera with me.


What if your ill on the day of my wedding?
This is highly unlikely.. It would have to be mega serious if I wasnt there on your day. However... should I not be there I am in a group of extremely talented photogrpaher who share similar style to my photography who will step in to cover.


I love your work. How do I book?
Please fill in the contact form and I will be sure to get in touch with you and getting booking your perfect package.


Lets plan and adventure together.



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